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setting values in dropdownlist from database using jquery and php

I hope, you already have a little bit knowledge of basic HTML, Java Script and php. So, you need to create 2 or 3 files to set the values  in dropdownlist from database using jquery and php. This is really very simple step to do. First create a file with connection information called my_con.php after creating database and table in mysql.

Then create a sample.html file and within a form write down the following code.

 1) Html File: sample.html
<div class="asen-form-row">
       <label class="asen-form-label">Department <span class="required">*</span></label>
            <div class="asen-form-item">
                  <select class="required medium" id="cmbMstFileDept">

 Then create a java script file with the below code and save it as file.js and link it into main html file.

2) Jquery File:
$("#cmbMstFileDept").load("asen_getMstDeptNmIntoMstFile.php", function(data) {      $("#cmbMstFileDept").val(data); 
Then create a php file with the below code and call it into .js file
3) Processing file: asen_getMstDeptNmIntoMstFile.php

    require_once ("my_con.php");

    $searchedMstFileCd = $_POST['id'];
    $asenmod = $_POST['asenmod'];
    $get_deptid_sqltxt = "SELECT Dept_Nm FROM mst_dept order by Dept_Nm asc";

    $get_res = mysql_query($get_deptid_sqltxt);
    $get_deptnm1 .= "<option value='' selected>Select Department</option>";
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($get_res)) {
        $get_deptnm = $row['Dept_Nm'];
        $get_deptnm1 .= "<option value='$get_deptnm'>$get_deptnm</option>";

    echo $get_deptnm1;

Finally try to run the main sample.html  file and you will see the proper result. I have created this script and already have tested and worked successfully.

If you want to know anything else please let me know with your comments.
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